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Dedicated to supporting the small to medium sized businesses. Why is it that the large corporations of this world are the ones who get the best deals? Usually this is because the small business owner pays the highest rates which helps subsidise this disparity.  Your team of experts are here to help. Invest in our belief that you deserve better and we will help discount your annual cost of card processing. We can also provide funding to help you grow, and unlike the bank’s way of lending, this method fits in with your business model.

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It’s never been easier. Set up your Clover POS system with the right mix of devices and apps for your business. Add more devices or apps any time. Order directly online or talk to us about your ideal device and plan options.

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Epos Now has been recognised by the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 as the 56th fastest growing tech company in the UK, making the prestigious list for the third consecutive year!

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At KJM Card Services, our objectives are simple: to reduce your monthly costs and charges so that you benefit from the low rates that the larger corporations benefit from.

If you are looking to reduce your existing costs, or perhaps you are looking for more upmarket card terminal, KJM Card Services will provide you with a full, clear analysis by doing a like-for-like comparison using your existing merchant statement. We will email the lower charging structure to you with along with clear and concise information of all of your expected costs and charges so that you are fully informed.

If you are new to this and want to have a more in-depth discussion about everything that having a card terminal entails, then we will contact you, perhaps arrange to a meeting, and go through everything in detail. It may be the case that you don’t need a top-end terminal, perhaps a more cost effective solution is best. It may be that you don’t need a physical terminal at all and the best solution is a ‘Virtual Terminal’. Either way our advice is impartial and is built around you, the business owner.


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Supercharge your POS with top-notch business tools


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Accept every payment. Leverage every sale with Pax terminals.


Be more efficient, more cost-effective, more competitive

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Try our bespoke service which meets your specific needs, as opposed to one size, fits all approach.