PAX E Series Point of Sale

We will be launching the PAX E Series product soon. This is a beautifully ergonomically designed payment system creates high levels of interaction between the point of sale and the customer. It creates the ability to upsell easily without trying.

TenderPos Epos

This is a superb, fully integrated point of sale system which works in tandem with the PAX A920 card terminal. This is a full Epos system with a cash drawer, printer & kitchen printer, software and dual screen terminal.

Click & Collect / Click & Deliver / Pay at Table

In the new socially distanced world there is a product that will increase sales.

By place a QR Code on each table within a restaurant, customers can scan the code and order up their first round of drinks before the waiting staff come to take their order. Sometimes, in a busy restaurant, it can take some time before customers get their round of drinks prior to ordering up food.

By have the QR code available, the order is placed, it comes to the bar and customers can keep ordering throughout their meal without the need for waiting staff to keep attending.  Sales will increase by using this system.

Try it for yourself – scan this QR Code – it will take you to a dummy restaurant site. Give it a go:

Now try the Takeaway one.

This can be added to your menus and people can simply order and collect at an allocated timeslot which ensures you adhere to social distancing regulations and help increase sales again.