Using Kevin Hayler’s  ‘Sales Made Easy’ training system – this offers new recruits the ability to gain a recognised qualification in the card acquiring sector. Once you have completed modules 1 to 10, you will have become fully acquainted with our industry. You will then be ready to change your life and earn the level income you deserve.

Income potential: Anticipated income in year 1 is approximately £30,000 to £55,000 depending on whether you work part time or full time. Anticipated Income in Year 2 should see income rising to in excess of £65,000 assuming you are full time.

Appointment:  Appointments will be set for candidates who are able to self-generate four or more sales per month.

Residual Income and the Unique Cash out option: With one of our acquiring banks there is the option to earn high levels of  residual commission. This is based on the amount of customers you have submitted and the level of pricing you have put in place for each customer. After a certain period of time there is the option to ‘cash out’ your residual income for a cash sum which is (approximately) equivalent to 15 times your residual income.

New starts to the card acquiring industry are welcome as well as seasoned professionals.

We are keen to accept applications from all ethnicities, communities and genders, full or part time.

Full training and support are our key drivers to helping you to achieve the income levels you aspire to. Kevin and I will be on hand to provide support, guidance, encouragement and technical assistance.

Send us an email and we will have a chat.